National Team Trials Phases I/II

After our first figure meet came National Team Trials in Santa Clara, California. Between having 5 athletes across two different phases and two different Age Groups, this was quite a four-day marathon. Luckily, I got to room with former National Team Teammate Leah Pinette, Head Coach of ANA Synchro.

Gianna (12&Under) and Aubrie (13-15) competed in Phase I for their Age Groups. Grades testing was very competitive and although the athletes performed well, both were exactly 5 points shy of minimum required to move forward and finished their Trials journey here. This is a good experience for these athletes to learn that the way they train every minute of practice counts. Synchronized Swimming is a very difficult sport and if one can master being mindful of small details throughout training, they will be able to apply the same knowledge to any aspect of their lives.


Dyeon and MJ competed in Phase II in the 13-15 category. This is Dyeon’s first year in 13-15, and she is actually only 12! She did not qualify into the top 30, but congratulations to her for completing the Trials training process and getting the experience. MJ just made it into the top 30 and after adding routine and skills stayed put. Congratulations to MJ Schoel for making it to Phase III of National Team Trials! It was one of the most competitive fields ever.


Here we have MJ getting her legs marked so the judges can see her height upside down. She is wearing a blue flower in her hair in memory of Anastasiya, a Sac Synchro swimmer that passed away three years ago.


Juna Park competed in Phase II in the 12&Under category. She had strong performances in figures, skills, and routine to end up a solid 6th place overall. Congratulations Juna! Quite an improvement from 33rd last year! Not only does this qualify her for Phase III, but her placement suggests that if she keeps working hard, she may have a chance to qualify for the team and/or swim the team program at the UANA competition.



All in all, it was a great experience. Thanks so much to the Sac Synchro Coaches who make it all happen.


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