First Figure Meet

Sacramento Synchro competed in their first figure meet at the beginning of January with some incredible results. I have to admit I was a bit anxious. Of course I trust the training plan we’ve implemented, but there is nothing like seeing good results on paper compared to the other teams to confirm we are on the right track.

Notable achievements include Erin Maeng winning the 10&Under Age Group (from a 37.223 at this meet last year to a 49.333). It was the sweetest phone call I ever had to tell her about her first place result. I’ll never forget the way she said “Really????” when I told her she won. She said “That’s never happened to me before!!” I explained to her that it didn’t happen to her, she created it herself!


Juna Park won the 11-12 Age Group category with a 59.0756, up from a 53.9955 last year. It is quite unusual for an athlete not from Santa Clara or Walnut Creek to top the scoreboard. Other noteworthy improvements were Gianna Bonacorsco (46.4356 → 53.9956) and Tara Batt (39.5021 in intermediate figures to a 51.4814). Congratulations to Mana, Tennille, and Ellie for competing in their first meet with Sac Synchro.


About Ali Williams

an athlete with really big dreams...blessed with the best support i could ever ask, friends, and doctors.
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