Day 1 Training in Toronto

Our first full day in Toronto was action packed! We got off to an early morning start, in a nice quiet dining room. Generally, the South American countries prefer a later start, so I don’t expect to see them in the 6 o’clock hour.

Our first training session was in the competition pool. We got to do a lot of tech duet and tech team. During duet practice with music, the power went out! At first, we waited, thinking it would only take a minute or two. Then we started practicing with counts. It ended up being 20 minutes until we could begin again.

I found myself feeling a little bit scattered and had to shake it off and focus. It was a good opportunity to experience a blip in the plan. What if I had to wait 20 minutes on competition day? Now I have this experience to refer to and know exactly how to handle it!

During team, we only had a few minutes left to finish our swimthrough with music. Usually, we stand in a circle and review things and do a cheer before performing. Our coaches told us to go before we were finished. We talked about it after, and discussed how if we are low on time we need to just set up and start.

In the afternoon, we had another chance. Our coach told us we had 15 seconds until the music started. All 9 of immediately put our hands in the center for a quick team cheer, turned, and hit our pose. We did a much better job accommodating the schedule change.

I guess the theme of the day was time. Being flexible to handle both delay and rush.

After dinner, team physio Thomas helped several of us stay limber. Here is a picture of him helping me stretch out my hips:


Bring it on Day 2!!


About Ali Williams

an athlete with really big dreams...blessed with the best support i could ever ask, friends, and doctors.
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