French Open Tech Duet Competition Preparation

The duet training squad leaves for French Open on Monday!! As part of our preparation, we did a competition simulation. This means we get up extra early, knox our hair, wear makeup, and costumes. We also replicate the warmup we plan to do at the meet, including the amount of music time, and also having to wait before we actually “compete”.

Claire compared it to taking the SAT, not only do you need to know the information, you have to know how to take the test. For synchro, not only do you need to show up with your routine, you have to know how to prepare to perform.

Here is Claire and I just before we “competed”:


I think the biggest thing I am personally working on is staying completely focused in the present moment. This is much more difficult with added distractions, like costumes, waiting, other competitors, etc.

It was really cool seeing the universe conspire to help me stay present. For example, during land warmup, I had a fluke head to head collision with a teammate. As I walked to the restroom, I could feel my mind’s wheel’s turning, taking the opportunity to begin worrying about anything and everything. Right then the swim coach called out, “I can’t wait to see you guys perform!!”. It cut the tension like a knife, I had to smile. My mind silenced, I was grounded and back in the present.

It happened several more times that day, later, at workout, a brief touch and a “good work” from a teammate, and a “hey mermaid!” from a gym employee. Each experience kind of brought me back to reality.

Here is the plan I follow to stay present:

1. Recognize the initial negative thought pattern of getting stuck in your head – being somewhere else is never going to help you figure out now!
2. Openly ask the universe to help you stay grounded in the present moment
3. Stay open to the signs and signals

In other news, we did a pretty cool photoshoot with Aaron Okayama.
Here is one of the pics:


The rest are posted on my Athlete Page.
Be sure to hit ‘Like’ for Ali Williams while you are there! 🙂


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an athlete with really big dreams...blessed with the best support i could ever ask, friends, and doctors.
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